Psychological therapy is a unique experience for each client. Each person brings to the therapy room a unique story and a set of expectations, difficulties, beliefs and behavioural patterns. This undoubtedly influences the way therapy is delivered and used, its pace and its length.
Therapy is a process tailored to the client’s needs and goals, rather than a pre-cooked meal delivered mechanically.

Two main aims, greatly overlapping, could be identified for the process: mental health and self-development.

Mental Well-being

A large part of clients that decide to approach therapy are currently experiencing emotional distress.

Are you struggling with unpleasant feelings, such as anxiety, stress, sadness, frustration or shame?
Are you caught up in long-standing patterns, such as depression or chronic worries? Are you experiencing difficulties in romantic or professional relationships? Are you overwhelmed by a sense of failure or lack of achievements?

Psychological therapy can offer you an opportunity to develop an understanding of your difficulties. You can learn to replace auto-piloted patterns into more helpful choices, consistent with your life goals and values. This process will help you take care of your mental health, regardless of whether your difficulties can be identified with a mental health diagnosis (depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, PTSD) or not.


Many people think of therapy as a way of “fixing” themselves.
Therapy can offer you more than that.

If you want to invest on yourself and your development, therapy can help you reflect on your values and your choices, pursuing a meaningful and satisfying life.

You might want to understand better what led you to your present, reflect on your current strengths or create a vision and a path for your future.
Therapy can ultimately contribute to achieving your full potential, empowering you to be the best version of yourself.

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