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An unquestionable characteristic of being human is that we have feelings. 

Our emotions colour our mood, our thoughts and what we do. They define us and yet we often struggle with them. It is enough to list the emotions you know to notice that we have more words for “unpleasant” emotions than for positive ones.


We deal with these emotions in many ways, mostly effectively. However there are times when problems – losses, work-related stress, conflicts or relationship difficulties – can become hard to solve or deal with.

Psychological therapy can offer you a safe space to make sense of such difficulties and find a way forward.

You will have the opportunity to share your concerns, develop an understanding of your problems and practice more helpful ways to deal with your distress and your problems.

Ultimately, psychological therapy can be the answer if you are seeking self-awareness or personal growth, allowing you to reflect on who you are and what matters to you.


Nowadays taking care of our appearance and our body has become almost a duty, yet we tend to neglect our inner wellbeing. Therapy can help you develop a healthy relationship with your emotions and, whether you are seeking support, change or understanding, you have a choice on the pace and the length of this journey.