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Dr Thomas Italiano
Clinical Psychologist

Grown up in a family and in a culture that valued stories , I have been curious about human behaviour since I can remember. I had many questions for myself: what makes people tick? What drives people’s choices? What do people find difficult or helpful?

It came quite natural to study psychology and I obtained a degree with honours in Italy. After some work experiences with young people and adults, I took a break and moved to the UK.

I did not know at the time that I was making a life long choice!

Whilst adjusting to personal and professional changes, I decided to further develop my knowledge and skills and I completed a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at University College London (UCL).

Since then I have worked in the NHS and private settings, accruing further knowledge and experience on a broad range of emotional difficulties and therapy modalities.

I am still curious about people and strongly motivated in helping reaching well-being and their life goals. To do so, I draw from a number of evidence based modalities, meaning that there scientific evidence, provided by extensive and rigorous studies, supporting the effectiveness of such therapies.

Alongside my professional expertise, I bring into the therapy room the experience of cultural diversity and its many challenges; I also believe that the separation between mental and physical health is artificial and I am intrigued by methods and exercise that highlight the connections between body and mind.

Therapy is ultimately a unique experience; some clients seek support with difficult feelings, some want to repair their relationships, others want a space to reflect on their life choices and on what gets in the way of their success.

My knowledge and experience are in service of the client’s needs and expectations, but ultimately the process is co-authored and the client influences the process as much as I do. In the relationship with the client, I value being authentic, friendly and down to earth.

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