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Building a healthy relationship is far from being obvious or easy. Where romantic myths suggest that out there is a soulmate for all of us, in reality our love life requires some commitment and skills that can be learnt.

If you find yourself in a strained relationship, if conflicts and arguments poison your connection and your feelings, if you and your partners are dealing with trust issues or the aftermath of an infidelity, then couples therapy can offer you some answers.

You and your partner might be able to rescue and transform your relationship, from a challenging to a satisfying one. The process will allow you to reflect on the desires and expectations you have, on what roles you play and what changes you could implement.

Through insights and skills training, we will aim at improving communication, negotiating successfully conflicts and disagreements, deepening the connection, acknowledging how your cultural and family backgrounds can inadvertently hinder the relationship. 

Very few partners are equally invested in seeking therapy or have the same expectations about their relationship. These differences should not discourage you from engaging with therapy and pursuing a change.

Couple therapy can also help you to solve the dilemma about staying or leaving a relationship; should you wish to terminate it, you might find the sessions beneficial in managing the ending and potential conflicts.

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